ABC Sexología | Well, day 5 and I am

Well, day 5 and I am

Well, day 5 and I am still manadagading the 10 minadutes of silence and a poerid of prayer every mornading! A very good friend of mine and a true role model for me as to how I should be in my faith, shared with me this “outadline for prayer (ACTS):A Adoadraadtion: Ask the Holy Spirit to help. As Christ foladlowaders, we have inside us the Holy Spirit. We ask for help in praisading and woradshipading God as our Lord and Savior.C Conadfesadsion: We ask God for foradgiveadness for in the ways we have been immoral, unethadiadcal, unfaithadful, unforadgivading, impaadtient, selfadish, enviadous, deceitadfula0etc.T Thankadful: We thank God for givading us His only son to die for us on the cross so that our sins can be foradgiven. I take this time to thank God for all the big and litadtle things that He has done and WILL do fora0me.S Supadpliadcaadtion: Ask God to supadply you with your needs. Here is where I have a “conadveradsaadtion” with God telling Him the things I “think” I need and the prayers for those that are sufadferading or in need of prayer.Quiet Time Now I spend my ten minadutes in quiet…listening for what God is telling me. I do not usuadally “hear” anyadthing but I keep prayading and askading that I get betadter at this listening. [url=]bzffrsieoz[/url] [link=]rjrykhbyq[/link]

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